I am NOT a Border Collie….

I am NOT a Border Collie….

Hi my name is Bandit aka Bandaid and I am NOT a Border Collie…

Apparently I look like a border collie but I am a Texas Heeler (my dad is a purebred blue heeler and my mom is a blue merle Australian Shepherd) and I am a Double H farm2013-05-28 19.50.06 dog!

<—– Me as a puppy! (the cutest NOT Border Collie ever!!) This picture was taken a few days before my 2 legged mom and dad found out I had PARVO (YUCK!!). That was a journey… but raw goat’s milk and free range chicken eggs saw me through. (I love goat’s milk :)) So yeah that was 2 years ago…before my bout with parvo, my car accident and my assorted vet visits. (it’s how I got the nickname Bandaid hehe)IMG_20140715_213211

<—–So fast forward 2 years and I am the cutest NOT Border Collie DOG EVER!!! (you know it’s true…)

I will be your tour guide on the Double H farm journey. My 2 legged 2014-01-25 14.04.01mom and dad are always into something, I have a really hard time keeping them in line. They seriously exhaust me, thank GOD for a comfortable couch that I can take little siestas on from time to time (whew, Ahhhhhh)

So this past week/weekend my 2 legged parents started a batch of peach wine, processed 30 meat chickens (mmm), canned 34 quarts/pints of chicken, canned 18 pints of chicken broth with more on the stove smelling so yummy! Canned tomatoes, peaches AND pickles! (I told you they exhaust me!!!) They also hung out with my 2 legged sisters (Heather, Skye and Iris) and the pint size 2 legged squawling thing that Heather brought with her. (My 2 legged mom thinks the little one is a big deal for some reason, all of a sudden she is a Grandma! What’s the BIG deal with that? She has me!!!) 

Meanwhile outside the house we have goats (mmm, milk) with no ears (strange), assorted mini dinosaurs (chickens) these little squeaky things following the ducks around, meat chickens, rabbits in tractors and more! Me and my sister Bailey (not a border collie either) can hardly keep up! Foxes, bobcats, skunks and more keep us busy when we are not napping!

My Lady Dapple

<—– (weird, huh?, where are her ears????)

I guess I will post a picture of Bailey (she isn’t as cute as me) but….I love her anyway (there is something going on with her tail but…whatever.) 20150218_225931

(NO tail? No ears? What is going on here?) Bailey is really smart though, so I guess the tail thing can be ignored.)————————————————>

Anyway Bailey and I stay busy here….we have 2 four legged siblings too..Kaia & Diesel (they are so special ’cause they are Great Pyrenees! (who cares??) Anyway, they live outside with the earless goats and bark at everything that moves in the woods! (They couldn’t do their job without Bailey and I but they are still decent folk, we don’t let them in the house hehe) 

Oh yeah, there is also a 4 legged cat creature here named Raia (mom won’t let me chase her, but shhhh sometimes I do just for the fun of it!). She leaves my 2 legged mom and dad all sorts of treats by the back door. I overheard them say she is a good mouser? (Not as good a mole catcher as me though, I mean I am a BANDIT)

So that was just a little introduction to my NOT border collie life! I have to go take a nap with my sister now….will chat with you later! (woof, bark and out!)

Homemade Toothpaste (and the problem with fluoride)

Homemade Toothpaste (and the problem with fluoride)



When I was on a witch hunt for poisonous chemical products in the house when the kids were younger, I was surprised to find toothpaste on the list.  Artificial sweeteners are undoubtedly toxic for us, there were some other pretty sketchy ingredients listed, but the surprising toxin?  Fluoride. But, fluoride is a natural occurring mineral  in the soil, right?  That is called Calcium Fluoride.  It is found in small trace minerals in the ground and water and these small amounts are good for the teeth.  The added synthetic parading as fluoride in water and toothpaste and dental products?  Sodium fluoride, a byproduct of the aluminum industry, illegal in every other country.  Big dollars are paid to cities to dump it in our water supplies.  This chemical is added to dental products and big marketing dollars go into telling us how our teeth will fall out without it.  Even the dental schools are under the influence of big business.  Fluoride…

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How to Save Your Paint Roller for Another Day

How to Save Your Paint Roller for Another Day

I am going try this with all the painting I do!!


With all of the painting I have been doing, many colors being used over the course of several days, if I didn’t want to spend a small fortune on paint rollers I needed to be able to re-use the rollers days later.  I am sure most of you know that if you put your rollers in the refrigerator they will last longer.  But I needed a way to cover them as well.  I initially tried using plastic shopping bags(it was what I had on hand) to keep the rollers from drying out, but they didn’t stay well enough and I had a couple rollers dry out.  A better solution is using heavy duty aluminum foil.  You can roll the aluminum foil right around the paint roller, and then kind of squeegee the air towards the end of the roller before bending the foil over to keep any more air from getting…

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